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Material Coordinator-Chaska, MN - Chaska, MN


Chaska, MN





To prepare and issue all materials, supplies, tooling and document to complete each work order. Maintain an adequate inventory of material, tooling and general supplies for Inventory areas.


Employees are expected to support the quality concepts inherent in the business philosophies of the company, including a variety of job related tasks which may not be specific to this position profile.

Accountabilities include:

  • Priority is to support Production, making sure that they 'don't run out of work.
  • Perform all duties necessary to ensure that accurate, proper inventory levels are maintained for material, tooling and general supplies.
  • Work with Purchasing, Quality Assurance, Engineering and other appropriate departments to ensure a stable, reliable vendor base.
  • Receive all components to inventory.
  • Maintain accurate general material, precious metal material component and tooling inventories.
  • Perform cycle counts on inventory classes listed above and cither associated tasks to support year-end financial audits.
  • Perform daily 5 S review of work area per the department 5 S Audit sheet,
  • Perform all required business computer system(s) functions necessary to maintain support inventory activity (lot control, issue material to work orders, receive material back from production, etc.).
  • Advise Supply Chain management of material supply/inventory issues and ideas for improvement.
  • Coordinate all documentation, materials, and supplies necessary to support production in a timely and accurate manner.
  • Assist in meeting due dates by reporting bottlenecks, quality problems and other production delays affecting assigned product to appropriate personnel.
  • Complete/verify all appropriate Lot History Record documentation necessary to release to production.
  • Coordinate the gathering of components, standard tooling, custom tooling, fixturing, gaging and documentation necessary to release the job to production.
  • Ensure the prompt return of excess material, components and tooling.
  • Apply continuous improvement/lean concepts to identify and eliminate non-value added tasks and/or activities.
  • Timely and regular attendance. 17. Perform other duties as assigned.


  • High school diploma or equivalent.
  • Very good knowledge Of JDE system.
  • Knowledge of company paperwork, routings, etc.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Proficient at using computer terminal and calculator,
  • High accuracy and detail oriented.
  • Ability and desire to advance knowledge and skills.
  • Ability to coordinate many projects in an orderly manner.
  • Strong working knowledge of production operations,
  • Strong working knowledge of inventory practices.
  • Knowledge of business computer system(s) and associated
  • Strong interpersonal skills with proven ability to work effectively with vendors, management and other internal personnel,
  • Working knowledge of PC, including standard business of Tvee software (Word, Excels etc.).


  • Mainly walking and standing, with occasional sitting.
  • Constant fine manipulation and repetitive motion.
  • Continuous visual demand required.
  • Ability to lift 50 pounds.


  • Ability to communicate and work with people inside and outside the department and company as necessary to execute the position responsibilities.
  • Ability to understand inter-relationships of people.
  • Ability to handle multiple assignments and prioritize accordingly.
  • Ability to follow appropriate departmental policies, procedures and practices.


  • Regular and timely attendance is required.
  • Clean working environment requiring hair nets, gloves and smocks or full coverall suits per department procedure,
  • Could be required to work in a Clean Room pressurized environment.
  • Must work in an area where various chemicals and cleaning agents are used. May be exposed to elements such as noise and odors when on the production floor. All exposure does not exceed OSHA limits for ti T.W. A.


This position reports directly to the Inventory Supervisor. Mini ITaal supervision of this position is required.

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