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3rd shift- Moline Line Laborer - Saint Paul Park, MN


Saint Paul Park, MN



Corporate Management Groups is currently hiring for a Fryer/Mixer at our Saint Paul Park, MN SuperMom’s location.

Shift: 10pm to 6:30am or until production is done. Friday and Saturday off

Job Summary: Assist Danish mixer to maximize efficiency in our process to sheet Danish slabs for PHO production.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Identify ingredients used to produce on Moline Line.
  • Assist to gather ingredients for mixing or line.
  • Set up area depending on what’s being produced next.
  • The catcher stands at the end of the line and picks up two pieces of Danish off of the line and places them on a pan in an orderly fashion, 12 pieces per a pan. Then puts the pan on an oven rack. 38 pans per a rack. Once the catcher is proficient we begin cross training.
  • The catcher- moves to a thrower position.
  • The thrower- stands at the beginning of the line and picks up slabs of dough rough weight of 15lbs. and sets them on the conveyer needing the dough seams together as they stack them on the line.
  •  Mixing- a person must be able to lift 50 lb bags of flour up to the mixer. The mixer would be chest high on someone that is 5’6” tall.  The person does not need to become a mixer.
  •  Label and bag all ingredients prepared to use later during the day or week.
  • Assist Production lead in different area/departments of food processing when requested.



  • Able to read and write in English
  • Understand food safety policies and rules
  • Continuously able to work at a fast pace
  • Ability to work in a physically demanding position
  • Able to adapt to new areas
  • Learn quickly and follow instruction well
  • Experience: bakery and labor-intensive experience would be ideal

·       Working conditions


·       Special working conditions are temperatures ranging from 80-120 degrees.  Working evenings with Friday and Saturday’s are a requirement. Being able to adapt to different conditions is a must.




·       Physical requirements


·       This job is physically demanding, employee should be well prepared to work a full shift moving and lifting.  Employee must be able to stand for long period of time while performing their duties. Physically able to perform task for extended periods of time, lift heavy objects on a regular basis, do repetitive tasks with few breaks, and so forth.








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