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CNC Machine Operator - Orchard Park, NY


Orchard Park, NY



Job Description

Adheres to corporate Values and all safety, environmental, security and quality requirements including, but not limited to: Quality Management Systems (QMS), Safety, Environmental and Security Management Systems, U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations, company policies and operating procedures, and other regulatory requirements.

· Operates and sets up complex CNC shop equipment which may include multi axis and/or multi spindle equipment.

· Ability to simultaneously operate more than one machine as required.

· Sharpens and changes tooling as needed to maintain tolerances, may give input or recommendations.

· Makes adjustments and monitors assigned equipment to ensure dimensional part integrity.

· May train and mentor team members, make recommendations and communicate observations to management and engineering.

· Inspects parts visually and dimensionally.

· Deburrs, buffs or sands parts to meet requirements to print specifications.

· Verifies the revision level for current operations.

· Verifies documentation and accuracy of completed operations.

· Inspects parts visually and dimensionally using inspection equipment and techniques to ensure conformance to requirements.

· Troubleshoots and corrects problems in a timely manner.

· Maintains tooling working in very close tolerances. Makes offsets when necessary to conform to print specifications.

· Aware of tool life and guidelines, brings attention to appropriate channels when changes need to occur.

· Required to follow quality procedures to ensure traceability and segregation of materials as required.

· Completes all applicable documentation for current operations.

· Practices 5S principles on a daily basis

· Performs preventative machine maintenance as required.

· Performs other duties as assigned.


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