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Manufacturing Technician II - Denver, CO


Denver, CO


Job Description:
  • Weighs and mixes ingredients for the manufacture of various pharmaceutical products.
  • Independently sets-up, operates, and maintains manufacturing equipment to ensure proper product manufacturing, according to Standard Operating Procedures and batch records.
  • Cleans machines, equipment, and work area to ensure cleanliness, according to Standard Operating Procedures.
  • Assist in the training of new and current manufacturing personnel on Standard Operating Procedures, batch records, equipment, and processes.
  • Responsible for maintaining qualifications and observing manufacturing personnel on equipment and processes, according to the written Training Plan.
  • Monitors work area for safety hazards, and required to wear personal protective equipment as identified in the Safety Program, SOP's, and posted for specific areas. Analyzes samples for quality and maintains accurate sampling reports, manufacturing reports, cleaning logs, and usage logs to ensure accountability.
 Excellent pay and benefits! 15.50 or more DOE.
Mental/Motor Requirements:
  • Constant attentiveness.
  • Frequent reading, writing, problem solving, verbal communication, basic math and independent decision making required.
  • Mechanical aptitude required.
Environment Requirements:
  • Frequently exposed to dust.
  • Constantly exposed to excessive noise and moving machinery.
  • Frequent exposure to fumes and odors.
Physical Requirements:
  • Constant standing and moving about (50% stationary; 50% moving about).
  • Constant finger work, reaching (shoulder height and below), handling of high speed packaging and near vision.
  • Mandatory overtime (in excess of 40 hours per week) as needed.
  • High School diploma or equivalent.
  • Minimum 1 year machine operator/manufacturing and/or mechanical experience required.
  • 1 year mixing/compounding experience desired.
  • 1 year of high school chemistry or math desired.
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