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Project Manager

One of the Nation’s leading Stair & Rail Manufacturers is seeking a Project Manager with experience in steel.  A successful candidate will have the following skills:

·        Analytical, technical thought process

·        Direct communication style

·        Responsive to some disruption, change, and time pressure

·        Ability to interpret contract and fabrication drawings

·        A resourceful approach to accomplishing their work

·        Ability to handle multiple projects

·        Enjoys variety in their work day

·        Good keyboard/computer skills

·        Basic knowledge of various software systems

·        Understanding of construction processes

A Project Manager will have the following responsibilities and duties:

·       Ensures the coordination of jobs from bid acceptance/job approval through the scheduling, material ordering, production, shipping/delivery and billing functions.

·       Creating, prior to commencement of the job with information provided, a detailed time line, which includes each phase of the job in sufficient detail to enable tracking the progress of the job on a daily basis, and a job cost evaluation.

·       Arranging for and scheduling necessary sub-contractor work and submitting sufficient information to the sub-contractor regarding their scope of work and the proposed timing of the project to enable them to plan for the timely performance of their functions.

·       Coordinate with the in-house work team and advise them of the details of the job, the proposed time line and budgetary constraints.

·       Ensuring the accuracy and timeliness of all reports, client communications, company billings (including change orders), records and files assigned to this function, and any disputes are quickly resolved.

·       Ensures the preparation of all job tabulations, schedules and documents.

·       Maintain a positive attitude with all employees, vendors, and customers and support the company in all decisions.

·        Interpret Contract and shop drawings.

·        Track deadlines for drawing review, submittal, return, release for production, and delivery/installation.

·        Assemble and submit documents for RFI’s, CO’s, Drawings, and other communications and submittals.

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