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Packer - Fridley, MN


Fridley, MN


Position Summary:
  • Packs parts per instructions per Sales Order or Shift Foremen
  • May work in manual and automated process
  • May work in the capacity of Plater and/or Racker as necessary and when required
Duties and Responsibilities: 
  • Conduct visual and physical part measurement as directed
  • Returning non-conforming product to Production for rework if possible
  • Communicate required adjustments to QA/AC Manager and Production.
  • Removes work pieces from devices: hooks, racks, and cathode bars
  • Dries work pieces via compressed air station
  • Measure, weigh and count parts and verify with Sales Orders
  • Records parts, packaging and other information on designated forms and/or records
  • Identifies and removes defective parts
  • Seals boxes, cartons, containers, bags, etc. using glues, fasteners, nails and hand tools
  • Line-up, pad, secure, etc. boxes, cartons, containers, bags, etc.
  • Clean supporting containers, materials, supplies, etc. in work area as directed
  • Removes buildup of plating materials from racks using a hammer and/or compressed air and coats racks with appropriate material(s)
  • Set-up, start-up and operate plating or coating equipment to coat metal or plastic products with chromium, zinc, copper, nickel or other metals to product in order to decorate surfaces. Includes electrolytic processes.
  • Immerse objects to be plated or coated into cleaning solutions or spray of conductive solutions to prepare for the plating process.
  • Periodically assists in draining solutions, cleaning and refilling tanks 
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