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Order Builder - Johnstown, CO


Johnstown, CO



Order Builder Job Description


Position Title: Order Builder

Department/Branch: Warehouse, Johnstown Night Shift

Typical shift: Monday – Friday, 2:30pm start time. Average finish is 11:00pm-1:00am

REPORTING RELATIONSHIP                                                                                                  

Position Reports to: Night Shift Supervisor, w/direction from Warehouse Manager

Position Supervised: Shift Supervisor

Peers: Other Order Builders


Internal: Night Shift Supervisor, Warehouse Manager

External: None


1. Responsible for building bulk and route pallets efficiently and accurately, and to deliver palletized, undamaged product to designated location.

2. Bulk loader will build pallets using either pallet jack or forklift, depending on what the location offers.


Number of Employees Supervised: _____None_________


1. Clock in no more than 5 minutes before the scheduled start time. (All overtime must be authorized by direct supervisor.)

2. Operate electric pallet jack or forklift, depending on what location offers, and maintain it in an clean and operable condition. Must be able to gain equipment certification at start of employment.

3. Check water levels in battery daily and plug the pallet jack in at the end of each shift to ensure proper charge to operate the next shift, or if using forklift, fill out daily inspection sheet.

4. Pick products accurately from picking area, build pallets, attach pallet tag with proper notations, and shrink-wrap each finished pallet.

5. Condense product and work areas as directed. Rotate product per policy.

6. Maintain work area in a clean, orderly condition.

7. Maintain safe work practices and procedures per company policy.


1. To build pallets 100% accuracy.

2. Minimize mistakes.

3. Minimize damage of product.

4. Make good use of scheduled work hours.

5. Safe work practices, no accidents.


1. Good communication and coordination exists with management and all shift personnel.

2. Build bulk pallets at 180 - 225 cases per hour. 

3. Perform cleaning functions, maintain an efficient, clean well-organized warehouse.


􀂉 Training/Education

High School Degree or equivalent.

􀂉 Required Knowledge

Knowledge of basic operation and maintenance procedures for material handling equipment.

􀂉 Experience Required

Training will be provided, but warehouse or stocking experience is a plus.

Swire forklift and pallet jack certification.

􀂉 Skills/Abilities

Must be able to lift 50lbs repetitively.

Must be able to work night shift as required.

Good interpersonal skills.

Ability to make good use of work time.


Safe work practices.


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