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Cleaning Specialist - Lakewood, CO


Lakewood, CO




REPORTSTO:                 Production Supervisor



Performs vibratory deburring and cleaningoperations on all types of machined parts and assemblies.



·        Loads and unloads vibratory deburringmachines to remove burrs and condition surfaces of machined parts andassemblies in conformance with customer standards and company policies.

·        Maintains the condition of the vibesby replenishment or renewal of the media, cleaning, and addition of properamounts of degreaser.  Maintains thesludge trap by proper cleaning and disposal of the sludge.

·        Performs ultrasonic tank cleaning, airdrying, and bagging operations.  Monitorsthe cleanliness level of each part cleaned by visual inspection and inconformance with customer standards and company policies.

·        Maintains the condition of the tanksthrough proper addition of degreasing chemicals and by periodic cleaning.

·        Responsible for submission of firstpart for Quality Control approval.



Training and Experience:  1or more years of trade school, vocational education, related work experience orapprenticeship.

Computer Skills:  Not required.

Language Ability:  Ability to read documents such as safetyrules, drawings, finish specifications and process sheets.

Math Ability:  Ability to add and subtract, multiply, anddivide in all units of measure using whole numbers, fractions and decimals.

Reasoning Ability:  Ability to interpret instructions furnishedin written, oral, diagram, or schedule form.

Physical Demands:  The employee is required to:

                                - stand, walk,push, pull, reach overhead, and bend to the floor

                                - exert 20 to 50pounds of force occasionally, and/or

                                - exert 10 to 25pounds of force frequently, and/or

                                - exert up to 10pounds of force constantly to move objects

The employee may be exposed to hazardsleading to MSD such as repetitive motion, vibration, contact stress, andawkward posture.

Visual Acuity:  Near acuity and accommodation are requiredfor judging the extent and difficulty of removal of burrs and/or debris, andfor reading blueprints and process sheets.

Hearing Ability:  Ability to understand and be understood.

Working Conditions:  the employee is subject to:

                                - high noiselevels from operating machines

                                - physicalhazards from moving equipment and machine parts

                                - breathingfumes, dust and mist

                                - skin exposureto oils and cutting fluid

Theemployee may be required to follow other job-related instructions and toperform other job-related duties as requested, subject to all applicable stateand federal laws.


Wage:  $10.00 - $13.00/hr, depending on level of jobexperience; Medical and dental benefits available first of month after 60 dayprobation period.

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