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Manufacturing Manager - Aurora, CO


Aurora, CO



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·         Manufacturing Schedule

·         Develop weekly batching schedule by evaluating:

·         Appropriate tanks required for each batch based on size and requirements

·         Ancillary equipment required for each batch

·         Availability of raw materials and/or prioritize based on ETAs

·         Timing of micro testing and batch approval supports filling schedule

·         Bulk orders complete by ship date communicated to customer

·         Customer on-site visits and chemist availability for pilots

·         Set daily batching schedule and assignment of batches by Compounder

·         Set daily prioritization of Preweigh schedule

·         Organization/Management

·         Manage organization of ~20 people that runs across two shifts (1st shift runs 5am to 3:30pm and 2nd shift run 12pm to 10:30pm)

·         Maintain vision for current and future-state organization staffing

·         Maintain job descriptions and interview/hire for organization

·         Complete monthly or quarterly reviews, depending on employee, of workplan and performance reviews with Compounders, Batching Assistants, Preweighers, and Manufacturing Supervisors

·         Determine annual goals for all employees and provide ongoing performance feedback

·         Provide direction and proper processes to Compounding and Preweigh teams to ensure proper quality standards are being followed

·         Assign Training and Qualification required for each new employee and ensure completion within specified times

·         Weekly reviews of temp agency time cards and bi-weekly reviews of employee time-cards

·         Pilots, Scale-Up, and Customer Visits

·         Lead Manufacturing Pilot Program for Compounding

·         Weekly review with chemist to complete pre-pilot checklists for upcoming scale-ups

·         Ensure completion of all pilot checklists

·         Review results of all pilots with Chemists to determine if pilots were successful and/or if processing or specification updates are required

·         Manage relationship with customers during scale-ups and ensure timely completion of any customer-requested follow-ups

·         Participate in Stage Gate for early input to processing and equipment requirements for new formulations

·         Perform root cause analysis with chemist if there is a scale up failure and determine appropriate corrective and preventative actions (CAPAs)

·         Process and Engineering

·         Develop control systems or work processes to minimize and resolve manufacturing issues including determining scope, cost, critical path schedule (CPS), and impact

·         Develop and train employees on Work Processes to ensure all products meet quality control standards

·         Partner with Director of Production to understand filling losses caused by Manufacturing; develop and implement countermeasures to reduce losses

·         Determine when/where time-based maintenance (TPM) and inspection schedules should be implemented

·         Submit Change Requests to quality and R&D to implement correction and improvement ideas

·         Continuous Improvement

·         Provide coaching, implement, and ensure compliance with 5S, Lean (Six Sigma), Standard Work, Training and Qualification documents, and cGMPs

·         Perform root cause analysis on quality and equipment failures and implement CAPAs (Corrective Action, Preventative Action)

·         Monthly review of batching procedure input from Compounders with chemists to drive continuous improvements and compliance of procedures

·         Own Department Results

·         Own department results and trend items such a reject/rework rate, number of batches complete in a week, total pounds made each week, weekly labor hours, etc.

·         Responsible for department budget for non-capital equipment and supplies and expenses

·         Raw Material Inventory

·         Help develop and ensure compliance with raw material inventory management

·         Set direction for weekly raw material cycle counts

·         Root cause analysis of inventory inaccuracies

·         Coaching on management of expired raw material work process

·         Back-up to Compounding Supervisor

·         Assign batches to Compounders, manage assignment of tank cleaning throughout shifts, complete batching paperwork, testing pH and viscosity on product when required

·         Back-up to Preweigh

·         Fill in for Preweigh during absences (must understand raw material weighing and inventory management system)


Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $70,000.00 to $80,000.00 /year


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