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CNC Machinist-2nd - Englewood, CO


Englewood, CO





·         Exhibits proficiency with manual lathes, mills and surface grinder machines.

·         Performs drilling tapping and milling on manual mills.

·         Experience working on FH8800 and E1550-5 axis machines

·         Programs and makes offset adjustments on CNC lathes, mills and surface grinders

·         Uses Gibbs or other CAD/CAM software as necessary

·         Sets up and runs speed cell machines

·         Works safely at all times

·         Identifies and uses proper tools and gauging

·         Applies knowledge of geometry and trigonometry as applicable to machining

·         Demonstrates understanding of machining applications as they pertain to different materials

·         Completes machining/speed cell work as needed to meet business requirements. Plans proper sequence of operations.

·         Supports rework requirements for the assembly operation in a timely manner.

·         Utilizes and has familiarity referencing the machinist handbook

·         Other duties as assigned


·         Minimum of a High School Diploma or equivalent

·         Machining on-the-job experience and/or certification from appropriate vocational school

·         Demonstrates ability to read and understand blueprints

·         Demonstrates ability to follow basic verbal and/or written instructions

·         Demonstrates critical thinking and problem solving skills

·         Ability to work in a team environment, which includes communicating effectively with team members and support staff, being self-motivated, accepting responsibility for one’s own work, and actively participating as a team member in a proactive manner


This position requires the ability to perform the essential duties and responsibilities in the following environment: Work schedule generally consists of 40 hours per week, which may include on-call status, evenings, and/or weekends. Ability to sit/ stand for extended periods.

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