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Maintenance Tech - Broomfield, CO


Broomfield, CO




Job Duties:                                      

·       Preventive Maintenance Work Orders

o  Daily PM Completions - 100%     

o  Weekly PM Completions - >98%

o  Monthly PM Completions - >95%                                           

·       Perform any all tasks, projects, assignments,and work orders as it relates to the plant                             

·       Projects to be completed within 1 week ofplanned/assigned target date

·       Accurate documentation of parts, labor, tools,work performed, and time                            

·       Completion of pass down logs                  

·       Good communication on all levels                                         

·       Reduce "reactive work" by PM &Schedule work order completion            

·       Achieve a goal of <15% "Reactive - BreakDown" type work                                                       

·       Cross Training and future development                                

·       Participate in the cross training of otheremployees                        

World Class Operations - development and sustainability                                                           

·       Housekeeping: Keeping the plant "tour ready" at all times                                         

·       Daily cleaning and sweeping of the plant,equipment, and maintenance shop       

·       Daily cleaning of the outside areas around theplant        

·       Routine cleaning & inspections of theequipment, duct works, etc            

·       Equipment Condition & Performance - maintaina "like new" condition                                 



·       Strong electrical background and experienceworking on conveyor belts

·       Great mindset with positive attitude and highlevel of integrity and values                                          

·       Strong belief in a Safety culture & awillingness to demonstrate and drive for improvements and accountability                                          

·       Familiar with OSHA safety rules and regulations                               

·       Willing to work flexible hours, schedules, jobsand task                                

·       Able to work in a fast-paced environment                                           

·       Able to work in dusty and dirty environment                                     

·       Ability to stand, sit, lift, bend, walk, andcarry objects of 50lbs on a regular basis                               

·       Able to work closely with people and attitudesin a wide variety of culture                                          

·       Able to learn, comprehend, and train others tooperate the following equipment:                             

o  Front Loader     

o  Skid Steer           

o  Fork Lift              

o  Scissor Lift         

·       Able to demonstrate the ability to weld with thefollowing:  MIG, Stick                                  

·       Able to demonstrate the ability to utilize aPlasma cutter effectively                                      

·       Knowledge and ability to repair:  Bearings, shafts, belts, motors, gearboxes                                        

·       Demonstrate the ability to perform properalignment and tracking of sheaves, belts, pulleys, motors, etc.

·       Reliable transportation and work ethic                                 

·       Provide your own hand tools and box:  wrenches, sockets, screw drivers, pliers, etc.(tool list attached)


·       TIG welding experience helpful                                

·       Electrical troubleshooting skills highly desired                                   

Previous production and manufacturing experiencehelpful

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