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Extrusion Operator - Loveland, CO


Loveland, CO



Extrusion Line Operator



Produce top quality insulated wire to required specifications by safely setting up and operating machines that extrude plastics on to various sizes of wires.

Essential Job Functions:                                                                                           % of Time

  • Operate line to produce product which meets required specifications.


  • Set up extrusion line.


  • Complete in-process quality control procedures


  • Calculate usages and retrieve raw materials.
  • In addition, there are two essential job functions of every position at this company.  These are integral to all actions throughout the day and therefore are not listed by amount of time.  These two essential job functions are: ensure the safety of all employees and improve something every day



The below requirements indicate knowledge, skill and/or ability to satisfactorily perform essential duties.  As required by the Americans with Disabilities Act reasonable accommodations may be made to qualified applicants and/or employees to perform essential job functions.

Mental Functions: 
- Ability to perform basic math function (add, subtract, multiply and divide) on various units of measures.  - Ability to apply basic math functions to whole numbers, fractions and decimals.
- Apply data and situational analysis to make sound judgment on operational procedures.
- Ability to make appropriate decision in regards to problem solving, machine set up and product quality.
- Moderate knowledge and skill of mechanical operations.

Physical Functions: 
- Ability to frequently lift up to 25 lbs and occasionally lift up to 55 lbs.
- Ability to see small defects and differentiate colors during in-process quality control procedures.
- Ability to stand and walk for long periods of time.


Work Conditions: 
The environment is typical of many indoor manufacturing facilities. The noise generated within the facility is moderate and poses no risk to employee health.  Employees frequently work on or around moving and heated equipment.  Employees work 8 hour shifts and must be available to work all 3 shifts as needed.

Equipment Used: 
Employees frequently use measuring devices including micrometers and microscopes.  Use of powered hand tools and basic hand tools required.  Employees occasionally use grinding wheels, lathes and torches.

Required Education and Experience: 
High school diploma or GED. Minimum of 1-2 years prior experience in a manufacturing or mechanical occupation.

Additional Comments:
Those that excelled at this position in the past have had the following qualities, characteristics or traits:

  • Highly motivated with a desire to excel at their work
  • Patient and not easily frustrated
  • Ability to work in teams and willing to help others as needed
  • The ability to plan in advance and multitask
  • Exceptional work ethic and dedication to their company


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