After utilizing a traditional staffing agency for many years without much success, we made a decision to partner with Corporate Management Group (CMG) because we were very interested in their workforce model. We have partnered with CMG for over a year and feel very strongly that we made an excellent decision.

We have built a very successful partnership with CMG and have seen a significant improvement in the quality of employees we have working here, and have also been able to greatly reduce our turnover. There has been almost a 50% reduction in the number of individual workers we have had to utilize, which makes an enormous difference in our daily production capabilities.

The transition from our previous staffing agency was not very amicable, and CMG was very helpful and proactive in helping us manage our resources and kept us staffed. They really stepped up to help us before they were contracted to supply us with employees. Working with CMG has been a true partnership and when issues arise, we are able to work through them as a team. CMG has been very open and receptive to new ideas and changes we have wanted throughout this process.

We would highly recommend using CMG and their workforce model. We took a leap of faith, and it has turned out to be a very beneficial business decision.
We began working with CMG as its workforce management team in November of 2008. We had experience with several other temporary agencies in the past, and none of them have come close to the service that CMG has provided us. The entire CMG team, from the on-site representatives to the ownership, have always focused and made sure they are taking care of our staffing needs.

Based on our experience, I would recommend CMG to any company that is looking for a professional company to handle their workforce needs.
CMG was a temporary employment agency with us for almost two years. CMG helped staff up our production needs, ranging from 50-100 new hires a month. CMG also helped with the orientation process, such as new hire paperwork, background checks, and recruiting efforts, which helped out a lot from an HR standpoint.

CMG also dealt with handling work comp issues, which had occurred on a daily basis and became quite costly. CMG always worked hard and precisely to make sure that they were succeeding their customers’ needs. I previously worked for CMG, and I feel that their model is a solution for every company who is looking to outsource their employment needs.

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