About Us


Consider us an extension of your own HR team. As a client-specific staffing firm, our business model allows us to:
• streamline the hiring process
• recruit exclusively for you
• have a direct, reliable point of contact
• immediate start up and implementation process
• eliminate work comp risk
• control unemployment costs
• offer an employee paid health care plan


Our mid-range size is the key to our success. We are large enough to handle any size operation, but small enough to react immediately and personally to any situation.

Unlike other temporary and long term staffing agencies, we recruit for your business and location alone. We won't take on clients in a competing sector and location, so you can rest assured that our hire candidates are right for your operation.

We began working with CMG as its workforce management team in November of 2008. We had experience with several other temporary agencies in the past, and none of them have come close to the service that CMG has provided us. The entire CMG team, from the on-site representatives to the ownership, have always focused and made sure they are taking care of our staffing needs.

Based on our experience, I would recommend CMG to any company that is looking for a professional company to handle their workforce needs.

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