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Bakery Helper - 2nd Shift [Archived] - Saint Paul Park, MN


Saint Paul Park, MN



CorporateManagement Groups is currently hiring for a Bakery Helper at our Saint PaulPark, MN SuperMom’s location.

Shift:6pm start time- Sunday and Thursday off

Job Summary:Assistsvarious departments to ensure that the highest quality of product is beingprepared and distributed.


·       Follow all GMPs andSOPs

·       Move and distributebakery supplies and products in and around production area of bakery, usinghand trucks, dollies and troughs

·       Assist in measuringingredients

·       Lift and dumpcontainers of materials to help load and unload machines, bins, hoppers, racks,and ovens

·       Feed raw dough intohopper or between rollers of machine

·       Grease, line, or dustpans or boards preparatory to receiving product for baking. May cut, turn, ortwist dough into specified products and fill baking pans with dough/filling

·       Observe and rearrangebaked/unbaked products on conveyor before products enter slicing machine

·       Push racks of bakeryproducts into designated areas to await further processing.


·       Follow all GMPs andSOPs

·       Package bread, dinnerrolls, buns, etc.

·       Feed buns/breadthrough machine for slicing.

·       Observe machineoperations to ensure quality and conformity of packaged products to standards,such as making sure the product is properly sealed.

·       Regulate the metaldetector and machine speed.

·       Place finished andpackaged product in boxes or on pallets for distribution.


·       Catch, pan, and countdonuts as they are finished according to the Fryer count sheet.

·       Regulate metaldetector according to the specifications.

·       Remove finished itemsfrom machine and separate rejected items.

·       Follow all GMPs andSOPs.

·       Inspect and removedefective products.

·       Clean and removedamaged materials.

·       Fill products withspecified fillings as needed.

·       Report any maintenanceissues immediately to your Supervisor.

·       Clean and sanitizefilling machines.


·       Feed finished producton to the line to be packaged, inspect for quality, and discard any unusableproduct in the appropriate location.   

·       Package product inappropriate containers per specifications.

·       Catch product andplace it in the respective container according to weight or serving size.

·       Run product throughmetal detector if needed and document metal detection accurately

·       Seal and labelproducts as required

·       Place finished andpackaged product in boxes or on pallets for distribution.

·       Stretch wrap palletsand take to freezer, warehouse or shipping using a manual pallet jack.

·       Maintain freezerinventory.

·       Place any unusedproduct in its appropriate storage location.

·       Complete any packagingQA paperwork. 

·       Follow all GMPs andSOPs




Basic Math skills

·       Multi-task skills

·       Reading comprehension(ability to read and speak English can be required for certain assignments

·       Ability to lift aminimum of 30 lbs and up to 50 lbs

·       Must be able to workin a warm environment (Summer months) - Bakery


We offer:

  • Long Term Employment
  • Full time hours with overtime as needed
  • Medical & Dental Benefits
  • Shift Differential for 3rd shift
  • Overtime - Depending on production needs
  • Weekly Pay
  • Direct Deposit
  • $200 Referral Bonus!

Interested applicants are encouraged to call or apply in person at:
Corporate Management Group
404 Broadway Avenue Saint Paul Park, MN 55071

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