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Project Engineer- Mechanical - Westminster, CO


Westminster, CO



Project Engineer’s career paths are more directed to Engineering, Project Management or Sales Engineering.

The PE will be expected to go through a rotation program consisting of time spent in Engineering, Construction/Special Project in office operational support and Construction/Special Projects on site operational support. This will give the PE an opportunity to experience multiple facets of our company as well as develop a more technical base for individual growth throughout the company.

A successful candidate will be responsible for the following during In Office/On Site Operational Support portion of this role:


·       Assign job numbers, set up job in accounting system, set up job files, and file all paperwork.

·       Transfer engineering costs to construction job.

·       Obtain necessary licenses and permits.

·       Obtain required insurance certificates and bonds.

·       Regular and predictable attendance is expected in order to meet the requirements of this position

·       Inform service department of estimated start-up dates, budget, submittals, drawings and job set-up sheet for scheduling.

·       Preparation and entry of original and revised contracts and estimates.

·       Customize phases and timecards for field managers as required.

·       Process all contract and subcontract documents from initiation through signing.

Minimum Qualifications:

·       B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering Technology, Architectural Engineering, Construction Management.

·       Working knowledge of personal computers, Microsoft Windows and Word, Excel and Outlook. 

·       Experience in equipment/systems applications. Working knowledge of architectural, electrical, and structural drawings preferred.

·       HVAC design and/or system knowledge a plus.

·       Mechanical experience preferred.

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