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Maintenance Tech - Longmont, CO


Longmont, CO



This position requires qualified candidates to be safety conscious and able to perform required functions in a productive manner, working with tight schedules and deadlines.


  • Maintains the following plant equipment:
    • All bag line equipment
    • All augers, legs, mixers, screeners & conveying equipment
    • All pesticide impregnating equipment/pumps
    • Services front end loader, land jacks and air compressors and pneumatic valves
    • Pre-shift inspections on all Fork Lifts
    • Maintenance the Filters on Dust Collection System 
  • Updates & Maintenance services longs for equipment.
  • Issues written purchase orders for all the parts and maintenance supplies.
  • Performs electrical, plumbing, lube and construction activities as needed throughout the facility.
  • Assists in the preparation of and is held accountable for department budget.
  • Cleans and stores all tools and equipment in proper locations.
  • Perform other related duties as assigned.



  • High school graduate.
  • Basic math skills required.
  • Electrical, Welding and Pneumatic/Hydraulic Experience


  • Must be able to work indoor and outdoor
  • Must be able to consistently be able to sit, stand and walk throughout the shift depending on the activity which is being performed.
  • Presence of airborne dust may require the use of a dust mask respirator depending on the type of product being transported.  Employees mush to be able to wear a properly fit respirator, e.g. No facial hair or significant abnormalities which would prevent an airtight fit.
  • Must wear all personal protective equipment to safely perform maintenance duties.
  • Must be able to work independently with minimal supervision.
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