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Quality Control Associate [Archived] - Aurora, CO


Aurora, CO




Department – Quality  

Role: Quality Control (QC) Associate


·         Quality – Production Floor

o    Staging verification

§  Frequency:  As needed

§  Verify staged packaging components (labels, jars, caps, pumps, etc.) against established QC Master for release to production lines

§  Document any issues with staged components

o    Line Clearance

§  Frequency:  As needed

§  Assure all previous bulk and packaging components have been cleared from the production line

§  Verify cleanliness of equipment

§  Authorize set-up for next production run

o    Line Sign-Off

§  Frequency:  As needed

§  Review Quality Directive and Production Notes with line lead, assure understanding of all requirements

§  Review units produced for set-up as compared to master retain and authorize line for full production

o    QC Checks

§  Frequency:  As needed, once every 30-45 minutes when line is running

§  Perform full line check for all production runs every 30-45 minutes, documentation required

§  Report any issues to line lead


·         Quality Directives

o    Update Photos/Content

§  Frequency:  As needed

§  Work with QC Supervisor to update/make changes to QDs as needed

o    Other duties as assigned


·         Authority to reject bulk product if it does not meet quality requirements for release

·         Authority to make quality control decisions on the production floor regarding acceptance or rejection of finished goods

·         Authority to stop a production line due to a high rate of quality issues


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