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Line Mechanic- 2nd Shift - Aurora, CO


Aurora, CO




Role: Mechanic


·         Line setup

o    Equipment setup

§  Frequency:  Daily or as needed

§  Ensure all equipment is setup efficiently, consistently, and adequately for job assigned.

§  Ensure work stations are setup at the correct points throughout the line to ensure orders run smoothly.

§  Troubleshoot any mechanical issues as they arise throughout runs.

·         Training

o    Mechanic / Equipment Training

§  Frequency:  As needed

§  Assist Area Supervisors in training of new or potential mechanics.

§  Train operators and leads on any equipment as directed by management team to assist in ensuring lines are setup efficiently and in a timely manner.


·         Quality Control

o    Ensure all equipment is setup to produce quality finished goods and troubleshoot or adjust as requested by QC. 

·         Production management

o    Monitoring of equipment and operators assigned to your line.

o    Assist in training of mechanics and all leads / operators as directed.

·         Production Team

o    Assist in running lines assigned as needed when no setting up or troubleshooting equipment.


o    Other duties as assigned



·         Authority to adjust equipment settings within equipment standards to produce superior quality products.

·         Authority to direct operators when lead or department management is not present or as directed.


·         Direct Report into: Assistant Production Manager / Area Supervisor

·         Indirect Report into: Director of Production


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