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Loader Operator - Boulder, CO


Boulder, CO



Loader Operator

The position is full-time, Monday thru Friday, with good benefits.


Employee Status: Starting salary is $17 to $20/hour, depending on experience

Reports To: Production Foreman

Supervises: N/A


Functional Summary


Reporting to the Foreman, the Loader Operator is responsible for the safe and efficient operation of the front end loader, which is equipped with a front-mounted hydraulically powered bucket or scoop that is used to transport mixed recyclable materials, feed hoppers, load open top trailers and stock pile materials. This position is also responsible for visually grading all incoming loads for composition and contamination, and communicating regularly with the scale house and production team regarding non-standard loads.



Essential Job Functions & Responsibilities


Equipment Operation

· Operate the loader and other heavy equipment in a safe and appropriate manner.

· Perform daily maintenance, cleaning and safety checks of equipment.

· Understand and follow directions from supervisors regarding material loading and stock piling.

· Operate loader controls to lower and tilt bucket and drive forward to force bucket into bulk material; raise and transport materials; push, dump and stock pile materials.

· Operate other rolling equipment (forklift, skid steer, shuttle truck) as required.

· Assist with training new employees in the safe and efficient operation of the loader.


Material Grading

· Conduct visual inspection of inbound materials noting material composition and contamination.

· Complete grading forms on inbound loads.

· Communicate with management and scale house personnel regarding non-standard inbound loads



· Promote, execute and adhere to company safety policies and programs.

· Wear required PPE at all times.

· Attend required safety meetings and inspections.

· Work in a safe and responsible manner without endangering the wellbeing of oneself or others.


Customer Service

· Establish and maintain a positive experience with our customers and clients.

· Report customer issues and concerns to management.

· Communicate with our customers and scale house personnel regarding tipping floor materials off loading and management.

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