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Batching Assistant - Englewood, CO


Englewood, CO



Department:  Manufacturing

Job Title:  Compounding Assistant


·         Clean and Sanitize

o   Clean and Sanitize Tanks

§  Frequency:  After every batch (unless next batch is the same product)

§  Perform and document completion of cleaning and sanitizing of tanks on Compounding Worksheet

§  Ensure tank is visually clean prior to beginning sanitize step

§  Ensure water reaches 180F

§  Record cleaning data on the Compounding Worksheet

o   Clean and Sanitize Tank Components and Auxiliary Equipment

§  Frequency:  After every batch (unless next batch is the same product)

§  Remove all sanitary fittings and valves and clean and sanitize with IPA

§  Spray off the outside of pumps and place them on the inspection cart with pump tag

·         Transfer Batches

o   Transfer Finished Bulk to Containers

§  Frequency:  After every batch

§  Obtain and inspect storage container/valve, hose, pump, and required filter as specified on Compounding Worksheet

§  Record start/stop time of transfer and total time on compounding worksheet

o   Quality Requirements

§  Frequency:  After every batch

§  Ensure Compounding Manager/Designee pulls micro sample

§  Weigh finished bulk and calculate the percent yield on the Compounding Worksheet to ensure yield if 95-105%

o   Obtain Samples

§  Frequency:  After every batch

§  Pull QA retain and batch approval samples per the sampling matrix

·         Assist Compounder

o   Assist Compounder in Batching

§  Frequency:  As required

§  Help Compounder with adding preweighed raw materials to tanks

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