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Manufacturing Technician [Archived] - Denver, CO


Denver, CO



Manufacturing Temp (Powder Fill)


The temporary position we are seeking to fill is in a team manufacturing environment, subject to Federal regulation, which requires attention to detail. While not a clean room, or laboratory environment, the work requires the ability to follow written instructions in English. Because we produce consumer health products good attendance and the ability to work with a team is critical. This position will require loading equipment with bottles and monitoring product to insure it meets quality requirements. In general, the position will require working in a team with direct supervision to complete these tasks. Because of the nature of our work and the materials we work with, people are required to wear uniforms and hair coverings (which we provide), safety shoes (which the candidate needs to provide), and product specific personal protective equipment (PPE), i.e., safety glasses, gloves (which we provide).


Physical requirements of the temporary position include: Bending at the waist: 1 - 33% (Occasional). Twisting / Turning at the waist: 34 - 66% (Frequent). Push / Pull (over 50 lbs.): 1 - 33% (Occasional). Standing (Moving About): 67 - 100% (Constant). Work in excess of 40 hours per week: N/A. Reaching straight out or below shoulders: 34 - 66% (Frequent). Reaching above the shoulders: 1 - 33% (Occasional). Lift / Carry - Waist or Lower (50 to 75 lbs.): 34 - 66% (Frequent). Lift / Carry - Waist or Lower (75 to 100 lbs.): 1 - 33% (Occasional). Color determination: N/A. Push / Pull (75 to 100 lbs.): 1 - 33% (Occasional).


Environmental requirements of the temporary position include: Works in Manufacturing Environment: 67 - 100% (Constant). Exposure to Loud Noises: 34 - 66% (Frequent). Team work: 1 - 33% (Occasional). Independent Work: 34 - 66% (Frequent). Exposure to active pharmaceutical ingredient: 34 - 66% (Frequent). Exposure to automated machinery: 34 - 66% (Frequent). Exposure to chemicals: 34 - 66% (Frequent). Exposure to dust: 34 - 66% (Frequent). Exposure to fumes / odors: 34 - 66% (Frequent). Exposure to pressurized equipment: 67 - 100% (Constant). Required to wear a respirator when exposed to fumes or dust: 34 - 66% (Frequent). Required to wear safety glasses and other PPE: 67 - 100% (Constant).

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