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JOBSUMMARY (the purpose and general nature of the job):

Import/Export Compliance Specialist supports and processes all import and export orders to insure proper paper work is compliant with government regulations. Help establish business practices that are compliant with applicable rules and regulations in countries where the company conducts business and ensure that company policies and procedures are properly documented, implemented and communicated throughout the company, and periodically audit against such policies with compliance assessments and audits.


o Utilizing the Harmonized Tariff Schedule and Code of Federal Regulations, ensure all products comply with CBPregulations. Maintain HTS codes on all items in our ERP system.

o Prepare Country of Origin and Free Trade Agreement documentation, act as expert on all COO matters

o Research, develop, maintain, and update policies and procedures for the general operation of the company’s business and its related activities to comply with all regulatory requirements applicable to the company, including US anti-money laundering (AML), economic sanctions (including OFAC sanctions), export control regulations (including theITAR), anti-bribery laws and regulations (including the FCPA), and data protection and records management requirements.

·         Current with all certifications in import/export compliance AES, ACE, EAR (Export Administration Regulation),

·         Current with FTR (Foreign Trade Regulation) specifically 15 CFR Part 30.

·         Conduct review INCO Terms and contracts for warranty orders

·         Audit ITN (International Trade Number) findings from shipping, looking for the returns from Forwarders and insuring the ITN is logged in the IFS System for completeness of the shipment (cradle to grave-ITN signifies shipment complete).

·         Collaboration with Ohio Facilities ACE Export Compliance for the Refactored AES Direct (implemented in March of 2016).

·         Implement the day-to-day operation of the Compliance Program in accordance with documented policies and procedures.

·         Provides all Forms for Free Trade Agreements which include the following NAFTA, KORUS, AUSTFTA, C-TPA. Certified Trainer AES (Automatic Export System) and Trade Account Owner of ACE (Automated Commercial Environment) Export Compliance for the Refactored AES Direct (implemented in March of 2016).

·         Provides Original FTA (Free Trade Agreements) for shipments

·         Provide all Import paperwork (Form 3311) for our Brokers

·         Run daily report for shipments insures input of Tariff Schedule and Country of Origin which streamlines the process and alleviates processing slowdowns.

·         Provide all documentation for Carnet Shipments – used for Trade Show Machinery set up contracts to move and return Machinery.

·         Collaborate with other functions and management as appropriate to direct compliance issues to appropriate existing channels for evaluation and resolution.

·         Provide information to Sales for CCC Certification Compliance (CCC Certification Program in China (Electronic Parts) which HTS numbers are affected and if we have certificates for these parts to be shipped.

·         Provide the requirements for all international ports of destination; for example; Nigeria SONCAP (Standards Organization of Nigeria Conformity Assessment Program) and Ghana Standards Authority (Ghana Product Conformity Assessment Program).

·         Support a system for uniform handling of alleged violations of rules, regulations, policies, procedures, and Standards of Conduct.

·         Constant monitoring of the  Export Compliance Policy to insure new Federal Trade Regulations are in place

·         Monitor Import and Export Audit Program and provide shipping personnel processes and input best practices to insure continued compliance

·         Ensure proper reporting of compliance concerns within the company.

·         Report to senior management on a regular basis regarding the status of compliance efforts.

·         Support compliance training program for all employees and management of the company that will foster a compliance culture throughout the organization through regular in-person and online training opportunities (Intranet opportunity).

·         Import Export Compliance Training

·         NAFTA and Free Trade Agreement Training

·         2010 INCO Term Training

·         AES Compliance Training

·         Evaluate and make recommendations for addressing regulatory and reputational risks associated with customer and potential customer behaviors and backgrounds. Visual Compliance

·         Develop Table of Denied Persons Process

·         Audit the performance of the Compliance Program and related activities on a continuing basis, taking appropriate steps to improve its effectiveness.

·         Continuous Education with Bureau of Industry and Security and World Trade Center of Denver

KNOWLEDGE/EXPERIENCE/SKILLS: Minimal requirements for education, knowledge and experience:

o Four year college degree preferred.

o Certificate of International Trade Preferred

o Minimum 5-10 years of Import and Export Compliance

PHYSICAL/MENTALDEMANDS AND WORKING CONDITIONS: This position requires the ability to perform the essential duties and responsibilities in the following environment:

o Work schedule generally consists of 40hours per week, which may include on-call status, evenings, and/or weekends.

o Travel < 25%

o Required to sit for long periods of time.

o Ability to lift up to 20 lbs.

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