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Machine Operator (2nd) - Golden, CO


Golden, CO



Essential Duties/Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for cycling / operation of rubber injection molding press(es), including following proper start up and shut down procedures.
  • Review product and process for quality and efficiency. Suggestions for improvement are encouraged and will be given thoughtful consideration.
  • Trimming and de-flashing of rubber products.
  • Inspection of parts produced to ensure parts meet all expected standards.
  • Declare, document and separate non-conforming parts (2nd’s/rejects) from good parts per Defect Catalog.
  • Notify supervisor or manager at the time non-conforming parts are produced.
  • Complete production tracking documentation prior to end of shift.
  • Maintain a safe, efficient, ergonomic and clean work area and common area throughout shift, to include discarding trash as needed and at end of shift.
  • Request press maintenance through supervisor when the press is not running properly.
  • Document, package and label good parts.
  • Verify partial bins from previous shift.
  • Responsible for following all safety procedures and for wearing required PPE at all times.
  • Other duties as assigned.


Job Qualifications:

  • Must be a team player.
  • Must possess the physical ability to operate two molding machines simultaneously, using semi-automatic and/or manual methods, ability to multitask in so doing and stand for up to 10 hours per day.
  • Must be able to work occasional weekends.
  • Basic ability to read and write English and basic ability to calculate simple math.

Work Conditions:

  • Ability to use fine motor skills to pull parts out of machine, sort and trim parts, assemble products and package parts.
  • Ability to lift up to 50 lbs.
  • Must be able to visually inspect parts for quality issues and identify non-conforming parts.
  • Must be able to work in and around machines that produce heat.
  • Exposure to conditions, such as fumes, odors, dusts, mists, and gases that could affect respiratory system, eyes, or the skin.

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