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Warehouse Employee-1st shift [Archived] - Aurora, CO


Aurora, CO



Department:  Operations

Job Title:  Warehouse Employee


·           Receiving

o   Receipt of materials and components into facility.

§  Frequency:  Performed hourly or as required.

§  Verify items received and perform counts. Match to BOLs and packing lists. Check for errors and compare against component masters per Receiving SOP. Report issues to Warehouse Manager or Assistant Supervisor.

o   Tag and store receipts.

§  Frequency:  Performed hourly or as required.

§  Following assigned locations, place receipts into proper storage locations.


·           Inventory Control

o   Cycle counts and location review.

§  Frequency:  Performed daily or weekly as required.

§  Conduct cycle counts and location verifications per Inventory SOP. Report findings and corrections to Warehouse Manager.

o   Staging of bulk and components.

§  Frequency:  Performed hourly or as required.

§  Pull inventory per the Staging SOP as required.


·           Shipping

o   Outbound bulk and finished goods.

§  Frequency:  Performed daily or as required.

§  Review shipping schedule with management. Verify product, count, pallets, and BOL against production documents. Report errors when necessary. Wrap, stage, and load pallets onto trailers as necessary.

o   Production Returns

§  Frequency:  Performed daily or as required.

§  Separate out packaging and bulk returns from finished goods. Return inventory per Staging SOP.

Other duties as assigned


·         Direct Report into:  Assistant Warehouse Supervisor

·         Indirect Report into: Warehouse Manager / Director of Supply Chain


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