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Job Openings

CNC Machinist- Days - Lakewood, CO


Lakewood, CO





Operates Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines to perform various functions, such as drilling, milling, turning, reaming, boring, and tapping of metallic and nonmetallic work pieces, utilizing knowledge of machine tool capabilities and shop math. Responsible for part management, running/operating of manual or CNC machines, and demonstrating progressive growth toward increasingly complex setups, troubleshooting, and higher operating proficiencies.



·           Follows all safety protocols, helps others follow all safety protocols and alerts their supervisor or management to any safety risks that are discovered.  Strives to prevent accidents and OSHA recordable incidents.

·           Sets up vertical machining centers by using indicators, edge finders, knowledge of tool touch-off, and common machining practices.

·           Perform some setups independently, subject to supervisor verification and consultation.

·           Reads and interprets drawings, process sheets, sketches, and related technical data to operate computer numerical controlled machines.

·           Operates machine and monitors displays and machine operation to detect malfunctions.  Stops machine to change or clean cutting tools according to required machining sequence or to measure parts for conformance to drawing specifications using precision measuring instruments.

·           Utilizes their own tools in performing the job duties, continues to build toolset over time.

·           Enters commands or manually adjusts machine controls to correct malfunctions or out-of-tolerance machining.  Works largely independently, but sometimes discusses out-of-tolerance parts with supervisor or programming personnel to resolve problems.

·           Cleans machine, chip trays, tooling, and parts and maintains lubricant and coolant fluid levels in the machine.  Notifies supervisor if machine needs maintenance. 

·           Communicates with co-workers and supervisor to receive instructions and coordinate activities.

·           Understands Chiperator practices; operates safely and cleans the equipment after use. 

·           Understands basic SmartSkim procedures and coolant processes, including, but not limited to, proper disposal of skimmer waste and other processing fluids. 

·           Inspects and measures parts to maintain part tolerance during the run cycle. 

·           Visually inspects each part as it is placed in the machine to check that previous operations have been correctly completed.

·           While in operation, removes burrs from parts if necessary as they are needed/completed.

·           Often times operates more than one machine at a time.

·           Works independently, but as part of a team, with minimal oversight.



·           Training and Experience:  2 years or more of trade school, vocational education, work experience, or apprenticeship.

·           Machining Practices.  Mechanically inclined.  Knowledge of standard machining tools (including drills, endmills, taps, indicators, edge finders, etc.) and practices (including tool touch-offs).  Must demonstrate an advanced level of proficiency in running machines.

·           Quality Control.  Knowledge and ability to use common quality control techniques and instruments to inspect work pieces to a blue print.


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