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Value Stream Supervisor - Louisville, CO


Louisville, CO




The Value Stream Supervisor (VSS) is responsible for overseeing the day to day operations on the production floor in their particular assigned value stream product line.  The VSS is responsible for ensuring safety comes first, and addressing production issues in a timely manner.  This position will be key in facilitating continuous production improvements in conjunction with the Operations Manager.


Essential Duties & Responsibilities

·         Learns and maintains an in-depth understanding of all production processes in their particular assigned value stream and regularly audits compliance to standard work instructions.

·         Manages Group Lead activities; requires indentifying the appropriate indicators to measure cell performance as a part of the overall value stream.  Sets targets, verifies results and supports the Group Leads in identifying and implementing countermeasures.

·         Manages SWAT Team members to provide priorities for required activities; includes execution of training plans, implementation of improvement activities and running tests on new product and tools.

·         Identifies continuous improvement ideas to prioritize and drive improvement efforts in paperwork flow, inventory accuracy, standard work, 6S efforts, and quality control.

·         Ensure on-time delivery standards are met.

·         Manages production Leads to sustain change in areas such as safety, quality, and 5S standardization, adhering to standards, and encouraging initiative to improve all processes.

·         Identifies and works to eliminate non-value added steps in various areas of the production process

·         Works daily with all departments to ensure proper execution of the workflow and avoid communication breakdowns; jumps in to resolve the situations as needed. 

·         Participates in all levels of recruitment and disciplinary actions of their staff.

·         Conducts annual performance reviews for all staff members.

·         Other duties as assigned.


Education and Experience

This position requires a Bachelor’s degree preferably with an emphasis in Mechanical or Manufacturing Engineering.  This position should have at least 1 year supervisory experience in a manufacturing environment.


Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

·         Ability to communicate with all levels of the organization both written and verbal; must be able to effectively collaborate to drive cultural change.

·         Strong leadership, mentoring and organizational skills.

·         Ability to effectively train all levels of employees.

·         Must have a high level of attention to detail, the ability to multitask and excellent problem solving skills.

·         Strong knowledge of 5S lean tools (such as 7 Wastes, 5 Why’s, Daily Management, Flow, Pull, SOP’s, Visual Management, Kaizen, SMED and Standard work) and taking a continuous improvement approach.

·         Knowledge of materials and material requirements is helpful.

·         Mechanical aptitude including CNC skills is helpful.

·         Proficient in Microsoft Office including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.

·         ERP experience a plus

·         Ability to promote continuous change priorities while achieving desired results.

·         Demonstrated ability to achieve set goals on time and within budgetary constraints.


Work Environment/Physical Demands/Equipment Used

This position is located in a manufacturing facility which requires prolonged sitting, standing, walking, squatting, twisting, and bending.  This position requires approximately 80% of time spent on the production floor and 20 % in a general office environment.  Requires lifting up to 50 lbs.


Health and Safety – PPE Requirements

·         Safety Glasses and hard toe safety shoes to be worn at all times when on the production floor

·         Must wear appropriate PPE for all work activities performed


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