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Account Manager - Aurora, CO


Aurora, CO



JOB SUMMARY:                                                                                                                                 

Effective and efficient management of product briefs with the focus on developing high quality products that drive to repeat customer PO’s. Support business development strategy and execution. Execute regular order process.



1.Support customer with timely and accurate cost estimates / quotes, timelines and other information.

2.Receive and process all incoming product briefs and redirects

3.Where possible, adjust project management approach and coordinate with the team to fit the unique needs of each customer while respecting processes

4.Be the main point of contact to the customer

5.Ensure R&D and costing paperwork is complete and accurate before sending to the customer

6.Actively manage the scale-up process for any customer products starting the first production run, including carefully managing customer expectations

7.Think strategically about each customer’s NPD projects to drive customers to the best decision as efficiently as possible

8.Proactively raise risks, deadlines and concerns to meet launch timeline objectives

9. Support business development initiatives as needed via sample and presentation coordination.

10.Actively participate in market research 

11.Participate in customer vetting as needed

12.Visit customers as needed

13.Clear and effective communication with customers and executing the weekly order process and identify exceptions.

14.Support the long-term scheduling process as well as daily / weekly scheduling processes

15.Support quality in the management of any quality issues that arise as it relates to resolution and communication to the customer

16. Investigate and resolve inventory questions and discrepancies.


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