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Machine Operator - Longmont, CO


Longmont, CO





Material Handling

·        Verify UL tracking number on box labels before applying to box.

  • Maintain a clean and safe work environment.
  • Adhere to ISO standards.
  • Adhere to company policies and procedures.

Production Operations

·        Read and understand all Quality file requirements and any special procedures for the job.

·        Review supplied production approved sample and operator sample as required.

·        Understand emergency stopping procedures for the equipment you are operating.

·        Operate injection molding machines.

·        Operate various support equipment. (i.e., sonic welders, drill presses, mills, arbor presses)

·        Record and report production results and scrap produced to the lead operator. (i.e., Production Record)

·        Follow all Start Procedures, Restart Procedure & Last Part Procedure and End Of Run Procedure as necessary. In specific retention of all necessary samples based on run status.

·        Perform inspection procedures and methods per Quality file and/or as directed by Quality Manager.

·        Package product in accordance to packaging section of the Quality file. Check with Lead Operator for any special box quantities based on order size.

·        Notify Set-Up Technician to correct molding defects.

·        Maintain consistent cycle times for semi-automatic operation; verify standard cycle time located in the Quality file raw material data page. Report all discrepancies to the Lead Operator for corrective action.

·        Submit all document changes through the Quality Manager.



·        Sweep & cleanup work area after each shift.

  • Clean work area after completion of any job, return all surplus materials to the molding return area so the Materials Coordinator can restock.
  • Wipe down machines per daily cleaning procedure.
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