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Job Openings

Quality Inspector-2nd Shift - Lakewood, CO


Lakewood, CO




Inspects machined parts and assemblies at various stages of production and processing, or at various machining operations to ensure conformance to specifications. In addition, periodic calibration of certain company and employee-owned gages to calibrated standards.



·       Inspects first piece, in-process and finished parts from manufacturing.

·       Reads and interprets blueprints or engineering specifications to obtain product information such as specified material, surface finish, and dimensions.

·       Compares surface finish of workpiece to finish on set of standard blocks or with micro-inch measurement device to ensure production of specified surface finish.

·       Visually inspects and measures dimensions, such as length, height, and distance, between reference points, using precision instruments such as micrometers, calipers, dial indicator, electronic height gage, coordinate measuring machine, or optical comparator to ensure product meets specifications.

·       Locates datum on part and measures dimension such as angle, arc, and radii using combinations of aids such as surface plate, parallel bars, angle plates, gauge blocks, V-blocks, sine bars, and precision measuring instruments.

·       Inspects first article parts.  Prepares first article reports and maintains records when required.

·       Inspects parts from outside vendors for conformance to drawing or outside plating for conformance to specifications.

·       Reports findings immediately to Inspection Supervisor, Shop or Shift Supervisor, and/or Machine Operator as necessary to maintain production schedule.

·       Supports the metrology lab with calibration of inspection equipment and/or schedules calibrations with outside sources to ensure accuracy and repeatability.

·       Assists and writes discrepancy and corrective action reports as needed.

·       Substitutes known values, such as dimensions from blueprints into standard formulas and solves for unknown quantities using knowledge of algebra, trigonometry, or geometry to determine dimensions not specified in blueprints.

·       Performs roving inspections on the floor and assists machinists and assemblers with problems.

·       Writes routine reports and communication logs.

·       Quality and safety-oriented. 

·       Works independently with minimal oversight.

·       Attends work in person, on time, on a regular and reliable basis.

·       Completes all tasks in an accurate, complete and timely manner.  Is detail-oriented.

·       Works well with other machining and quality professionals using good communication style.



·       Knowledge of machining fabrication and mechanical assemblies

·       Proficient at blueprint reading

·       A basic understanding of Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing principles/application

·       Have intermediate math skills and problem solving

·       Proficient with all types of gaging equipment

·       Coordinate Measuring Machine experience preferred but not required

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