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Production Operator - Northglenn, CO


Northglenn, CO



We are looking for ambitious, hard working individuals to join the team and support our capacity growth needs.

The Blender I position is responsible for:

·       Day-to-day blending of automotive detailing products in batches ranging from 5 to 1000 gallons

·       Following production schedule as assigned by the Blending Supervisor and Master Scheduler

·       Maintaining excellent punctuality and attendance performance

·       Following safety guidelines of blending, chemical handling, and forklift operation

·       Ensuring good quality product by following written SOPs and directions from Blender II and Blender III while in training

·       OT may be necessary, especially during the summer season

·       Perform daily cleans and preventative maintenance (PMs) on blending equipment

·       Basic housekeeping duties to ensure a safe and efficient workspace

Minimum Education / Skill Requirements:

·       High School diploma or GED required

·       Ability to read, write, and communicate in English

·       Ability to read blend sheets and perform basic mathematical functions (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division)

·       Ability to lift 50-100 pounds and tilt 700 pounds with a drum dolly

·       Good time management skills are required

·       Use of fork-lifts is required (In-house training and certification is provided.)

·       Basic chemistry knowledge preferred but not required (pH, acid/alkaline and neutralization, solubility, familiarity with industrial chemicals).  This knowledge is acquired during training on the job.

·       Once trained, employee must be able to follow blending instructions consistently to achieve good quality product while adhering to the daily production schedule

·       Two or more years of experience in a manufacturing environment preferred but not required.



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