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Injection Molder - Louisville, CO


Louisville, CO




The Injection Molder is responsible for setting up and running the injection molding machines.

 Essential Duties & Responsibilities

·         Places molds using the hoist crane to fasten molds to the injection molding machines.

·         Enters mold parameters into the machine based on specifications as detailed on the set-up sheets.

·         Oversees machine maintenance; including but not limited to preventive maintenance, removing/replacing heater bands, changing machine barrels, and inspecting and replacing defective machine parts.

·         Determines scheduling, materials, and tools required to complete work orders on time.

·         Conducts first article inspections; requires verifying dimensional measurements against the work order for accuracy.  Makes adjustments as necessary.

·         Separates and counts parts as they come off the machine.

·         Cross-trains and acts as a backup to the extrusion department as needed.

·         Other duties as assigned.


Education and Experience

This position requires a High School Diploma or GED equivalent with 8+ years running injection molding machines in plastics.  Should have previous experience in a fast-paced manufacturing environment.


Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

·         Ability to communicate with all levels of the organization effectively in English both written and verbal

·         Should have a high level of mechanical aptitude with the ability to run injection molding machines

·         Must be able to run CPU data set-up programs either by entering manually or from a disc

·         Extensive knowledge of plastic material including working with high-temperature plastic materials

·         Must have a high level of attention to detail and the ability to multitask

·         Must have basic math skills to read and process work instructions as well as the ability to solve practical problems.

·         Ability to diagnose and resolve injection molding machine problems

·         Must have demonstrated the ability to effectively operate multiple (as many as 7) machines simultaneously

·         Must have the ability to read and understand blueprints and work instructions

·         Knowledge of materials and material requirements

·         Must have knowledge of the nonconforming material procedure

·         Ability to run Applied Stats software for SPCs

·         Must be able to effectively use QC equipment (i.e., micrometer, caliper, optical comparator)

·         Knowledge of machining techniques and methods

·         Ability to be self-motivated and work with minimal supervision

·         Must have a basic understanding of Microsoft Office, specifically Word, Excel, and Access

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