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Logistics Coordinator - Boulder, CO


Boulder, CO



Main Duties Inventory and Logistics Coordinator:

· Monthly material projections

· Market materials – send out bid to our material buyers

· Request PO’s and set shipment dates

· Schedule shipments via rail and truck

· Submit paperwork for shipped loads

· Cover scale house – track incoming and outgoing material through PC scalesoftware package


Metrics and Inventory Management

Work with the production supervisor to keep track of the daily inventory.Manage and update daily and weekly metrics charts and spreadsheets. Send outmonthly material bids to buyers. Communicate with our material buyers, answerquestions and send pictures of materials per requested. Request purchase ordersfor winning bids and confirm pricing as well as shipment dates. Update staff withshipping calendar and logistics information.


Transportation Duties

Create a monthly material projection and forecast .Order needed rail carsvia BNSF website and make sure loaded cars are released on schedule. Workclosely with scale house to verify loads are shipping as scheduled and sendpaperwork and any required pictures for loads. Keep transportation orders onschedule and coordinate with production schedule.


Scale House Coverage

Cover scale house for a few hours in the afternoon as well as sick days andscheduled vacation days for scale house employee. Make incoming/outgoingmaterial tickets using PC Scale program. Enter pricing for outgoing materialshipments and scan documents into computer for our records. Enter weights fromproduction for end of day materials into spreadsheet.



· Proficient in Microsoft Excel, Outlook

· Must have excellent organizational skills

· Excellent written and verbal communication skills

· We will provide training on logistics management


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