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Production Planning Coordinator - St. Paul, MN


St. Paul, MN



CMG is currently hiring for a Production Planning Coordinator in St. Paul, MN.

Schedule: Monday through Friday from 6am-2:30pm

Broad Function and Objective

Productions Schedulers create and maintain production schedules in order to ensure that all company goals are achieved and that deadlines are met. By developing effective schedules, candidates can expect to play a major role in helping their company reach its objectives.

Principal Accountability

Productions Schedulers must have a strong understanding of the production process and be able to generate and maintain effective daily schedules. They communicate schedules, collaborate to solve production schedule problems, seek to improve processes, and help fulfill company expectations.

1. As orders are received, projects shipment of finished units by truckload, allowing time to produce these units.

2. Face of company to customers, dealers, sister plant schedulers and sales team members in regards to scheduling coordination.

3. Creates and distributes production schedules which advise each production department when it must produce its share of the schedule in order to meet the delivery date as projected and promised.

4. Reviews inventory to avoid scheduling production of units already in stock and available for shipment.

5. Makes delivery appointments and confirms product delivery to customers. Communicates plant shutdown and holiday information to customers.

6. Maintains backlog of unit production; posts to Management Report.

7. Work collaboratively with Customer Service in relation to order entry items.

8. Works with the Production Manager in the production and delivery of Floor Samples and Finished Stock program.

9. Coordinates loads and routings with Shipping and Transportation supervisors.

10. Completes all other projects as assigned by supervisor.

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Examples of typical action verbs used in position descriptions:

Planning: Create, Develop, Establish, Forecast, Formulate, Initiate, Organize, Plan, Write

Direction: Administer, Approve, Authorize, Conduct, Control, Determine, Direct, Implement, Instruct, Schedule, Supervise, Train

Executing: Analyze, Accumulate Arrange, Audit, Check, Classify, Collect, Compile, consolidate, establish, Evaluate, examine, Gather, Implement, Interview, Investigate, Maintain, Negotiate, Operate, Perform, Prepare, Process, reconcile, Review, Study, Use, Write

Servicing: Expedite, Inform, Insure, Provide, Report

Advising: Administer, Advice, Appraise, Confer, Consult, Contribute, Counsel, Endorse, Inform, Interpret, Participate, Recommend

Minimum Qualifications Required For This Position

  • Associate Degree and/or relevant experience is desired, high school diploma required.
  • 2+ years previous experience in a production planning or materials control function.
  • Proficient knowledge of PC usage required to include using Word, Excel, Microsoft Windows, and data entry operations.
  • Basic Knowledge and concepts of Materials requirements planning (MRP) programs
  • Ability to handle and prioritize multiple tasks
  • Must have strong communication skills – interpersonal, verbal and written skills are mandatory.
  • Must possess the ability to work well with little or no supervision and with a collaborative team.
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