Temporary Staffing

Our temporary staffing service places employees in long term, short term, and seasonal positions, depending on your staffing needs. We offer customizable benefits packages, including health insurance, depending on the length of employment.

Workforce Management

Let us act as an extension of your Human Resources Department


Direct Hire

Let us find the best match for your company needs and culture


CMG was a temporary employment agency with us for almost two years. CMG helped staff up our production needs, ranging from 50-100 new hires a month. CMG also helped with the orientation process, such as new hire paperwork, background checks, and recruiting efforts, which helped out a lot from an HR standpoint.

CMG also dealt with handling work comp issues, which had occurred on a daily basis and became quite costly. CMG always worked hard and precisely to make sure that they were succeeding their customers’ needs. I previously worked for CMG, and I feel that their model is a solution for every company who is looking to outsource their employment needs.

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